Food and beverage

Food and beverage

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee with some of our lovely homemade pastries, a glass of wine, or try our tasty dishes for lunch or dinner in our cosy restaurant, Folvik Kafé.

The restaurant is suitable for all occasions, with its lovely homey atmosphere combining Norwegian coastal traditions with our very own French brasserie.

A fireplace keeps the restaurant nice and warm, and adding to the historic aspect, the walls are decorated with beautiful works of contemporary art providing the perfect frame for your visit, whether you are dining alone or with your dearest. This is also an ideal setting for celebrating any special occasion.

Up to 50 people can be served in the restaurant.

The hotel’s guests can enjoy all their meals in our restaurant, Folvik Kafé.

The restaurant is open all year, except for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.


Our kitchen

We are quite proud of our cuisine. Our motto is: "authentic and homemade", which is rooted in our pride and interest in Norwegian food cultures in general, and in our local culture and traditions in specific.

At Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell we are very particular about the quality of the ingredients we use, and it is important to us that the food is locally produced.

Our immediate surroundings are bountiful with quality local produce, and we respectfully take our time in making everything from scratch. Our hope and belief is that our guests enjoy and appreciate this.

In 2010, Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell won the Ganefart award for our region. The award is a collaboration between Norges Bygdekvinnelag (an organisation for women and food culture), the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Innovasjon Norge, aiming to honour restaurants that make an effort in promoting local food cultures and history through cooking.


Parties and special occasions:  

We can host all kinds of parties: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, class reunions and Christmas parties. Our restaurant can seat up to 55 people.

Depending on the size and needs of the group, we can arrange tables in small groups, as refectory tables or in a U-shape.

We know that all special occasions are important to everyone concerned, and we always put all our efforts into making your party a success. With years of experience we are expert planners and problem-solvers, and we can organise the event so that your preparations are made easier. This way you will be able to relax and enjoy the unforgettable day.

Please contact us so that we can tailor your event according to your wants and needs, with or without activities.